The Mediasmiths have just announced the details for the next Workflow Innovation Group (WIG3) meeting to be held on December 8th in Bristol:

As those of you that have attended WIG before will know, the idea of the day is to get practitioners together, network and talk about real issues and real experience – it’s not a vendor event, and there are no big sales messages – just a friendly atmosphere. Again, as regulars will know, we do like to run a couple of themed sessions, each of an hour or so during the day to get the debate and discussions going and give attendees the ability to be introduced to some of the folks that they don’t know! The themes that we’ve picked out for WIG 3 are Collaboration and the Cloud; and simply The Budget Squeeze.

Rough agenda for the day is as follows:

10:00 Coffee
10:30 Welcome
10:40 Session One – Collaboration and the Cloud following the DPP report
What does the production/post market really need?
How do collaboration (as opposed to production) tools and services fit in?
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Session Two – The Budget Squeeze
How is this affecting the production community?
How low can you go and still maintain acceptable production values and delivery quality?
17:30 Finish

Drinks and follow-on conversations in the bar, and for those able to stay, we’ll be hosting dinner and continuing discussions. We’re also hoping to launch the WIG community website at WIG3 – and get your feedback on what it should include.

The view from OM

Very happy to be part of this event as it has generated much debate in the past and brought issues to the fore that need to be discussed by end users, integrators, consultants and vendors alike. The DPP report, and the reaction to it will certainly ensure a lively, open and healthy discussion I am sure! the event has also brought vendors together to create integrated solutions such as the integration between MatrixStore and Vidispine which can only be a good thing.