• 9 July 2021

What’s the Alternative When the Cost of Public Cloud is So Unpredictable?

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What’s the Alternative When the Cost of Public Cloud is So Unpredictable?

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Last year we witnessed the rush for businesses to provide remote working, business continuity, and the ability for creative professionals to self-serve content from the archive. A rush that is still in full swing. It’s safe to say, Cloud is here to stay, and rightfully so.

Cloud is highly efficient at data distribution and sharing production workflows. This can be very cost-effective in most situations. However, in some situations, the public cloud in creative workflows is often deemed as far too unpredictable, cost-wise. This is a topic often talked about amongst the creative community. For people looking to move to the cloud, or those who are already years into the journey, the message is still the same.

News, sports, and advertising agencies need to frequently access their archive footage. Not everyone gets 80% discounts and large corporate deals that are often linked to other sponsorship agreements. The vast majority face a very unpredictable roadmap in terms of bills and data access. The irony is, organisations are paying to access the content they own.

A little like walking into your local pub, ordering your favourite drink only to find there are hidden charges involved!

In reality, on-prem gives the greatest bandwidth possible, zero egress fees, and can be significantly less expensive for most workflows. On-prem can link with all those apps in the media industry that are already invested into and the cloud creates more than a few single vendor and security concerns. Hello Hybrid!

Hybrid workflows open on-prem through to cloud and back. Having the best of both worlds, is there a vendor out there who could ignore the need for a hybrid solution?

So, how can we help?

In 2018 Object Matrix launched MatrixStore Hybrid. Our Hybrid solution enables organisations to choose the most efficient mix of MatrixStore. The mix of On-Prem, MatrixStore Cloud, or public cloud storage platforms can create a unified storage platform for the business.

Tight media workflow integrations and automated workflows ensure your organisation can benefit from operational efficiencies and elastic scale of hybrid environments.

If you would like to learn more about MatrixStore Hybrid and the benefits it can bring your organisation then please get in touch!

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix provides integrated and automated digital content governance. Based in Cardiff (UK), it has an impressive track record for providing tightly integrated digital preservation platforms and is trusted by global broadcasters, telcos, banks and utilities companies to ensure their video content is always available. Customers include Globo, Fox Sports, France Télévisions, BT, the BBC, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Deutsche Bank, Imagina, EDF, TV Globo & the Miami Heat to name a few.

Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with intuitive user interfaces. In addition to providing solutions and product integrations for the storage, search and retrieval of media assets, Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration, and ongoing support services.

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