What is object storage? How does object storage vs filesystem compare? When should object storage be used?

What is Object Storage?

Object Matrix’s team have been around since the start of object storage commercial solutions; having developed for Filepool even before it became EMC’s Centera product.

We’ve written a short white paper on “What is Object Storage?”

It both forms a basic introduction to the subject (since whilst many people have heard of “object storage” not everyone knows what exactly it is about) as well as taking a deeper delve into some of the difference between object storage architectures that have been implemented.

It looks at:

  • The history of object storage
  • What exactly is object storage?
  • Why object storage and not file systems? (and vice versa)
  • Different approaches to developing object storage solutions
  • The future

What is Object Storage?

What is Object Storage?

Whether you are asking the very basic question of what is object storage, or trying to understand why Object Matrix made certain key software architectural decisions for their solution, we hope you find this technical paper useful. All feedback is welcome!

About the author

Jonathan Morgan researched Grid Computing at Texas Christian University in the 1990’s. In his work career, he joined FilePool briefly before it was acquired by EMC for its object storage technology. That product went on to become “Centera”, one of the world’s first commercially successful object storage solutions. At EMC, Jonathan led the largest development team for Centera developing “content parity protection” (an erasure code algorithm). Founding Object Matrix in 2003, Jonathan has been the CEO since its inception seeing the company grow from a concept to storing data for some of the world’s largest media organisations. Object Matrix is based in Cardiff, UK.