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Course Description

This course was originally designed for Engineers to get to grips with the workings of Object Matrix’s object storage platform MatrixStore, but has now been made available to anyone who has interest in our technology. 

Please note, this course provides an overview of Object Matrix’s technologies and processes. For information on how to become a fully certified engineer please contact your Object Matrix account manager.

The course is taken completely online and is expected to be completed with approx 8 hours of study. There will be a final test made up of 50 multiple choice questions when ALL modules are deemed complete.

Course Modules

The course is broken down into modules and covers the following topics:

MODULE 1 – MatrixStore Overview
MODULE 2 – Media Focused Hybrid Cloud
MODULE 3 – Workflows
MODULE 4 – MatrixStore Hardware
MODULE 5 – MatrixStore Installation
MODULE 6 – MatrixStore Setup
MODULE 7 – MatrixStore Admin

MODULE 8 – MatrixStore System Maintenance
MODULE 9 – MatrixStore Support
MODULE 11 – DropSpot
MODULE 12 – Vision
MODULE 13 – Review

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