Cardiff, Wales, 15th October 2020 – The Workflow Innovation Group has launched a new series of podcasts aimed primarily at the media technology community.

 Sponsored by Object Matrix, Vidispine and Zixi the podcast series is an outlet for open, honest, and sometimes controversial discussions around developments and events in the media industry. Hosted by Christy King (Christy King LLC) and Steve Sharman (Hackthorn Innovation), the format of each episode will see a panel of media industry experts reacting to statements and facts put before them about the subject being discussed. The panelists will then decide if those statements are ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Bust.’

“We started WIG in 2010 to have frank and open conversations about industry challenges and how to address them. Today, with COVID, it is even more important that we make use of any means of communication, such as this podcast, to encourage discussion and share pragmatic thinking across the worldwide media industry.” Steve Sharman, co-founder WIG.

The first 3 podcasts will discuss subjects from the state of the media technology industry, to the emerging challenges of deep fake video and the future of trade shows.

“With a tsunami of webinars and online demos in a post physical trade show world there are few outlets where the industry is not bombarded with sales hyperbole. That may sound rich coming from myself but we created WIG back in 2010 to be a group that focused on media business issues not rhetoric” stated Nick Pearce, co-founder WIG and Object Matrix.

He further explained, “We are very excited to be supporting this podcast series that we hope will be an informative and fun listening experience for the industry.”

‘WIG TALKS: Brilliant or Bust’ will be available on most podcast distribution platforms from the end of October.

About WIG (Workflow Innovation Group)

About WIG Talks (Workflow Innovation Group)

WIG Talks is a podcast for the media technology industry. Sponsored by Object Matrix (, Vidispine ( and Zixi ( the podcast series aims to discuss industry events and developments in an open and relaxed manner with no sales rhetoric allowed.

About WIG (Workflow Innovation Group)

Founded in 2010 WIG is a broadcast technology community dedicated to listening to the technical challenges faced by media organisations , learning how workflows can be improved and developing technology roadmaps to meet those challenges. 

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Original founding members include Object Matrix (, Vidispine (, Steve Sharman (Hackthorn Innovation) and Niall Duffy.