The Route to SL6125

Yay, its NAB time again. The third show of the year so far it is arguably the biggest show of the year for meeting global customers and prospects. It is out 7th time to visit or exhibit at the show in one form or another. It may be surprising to learn that we used the show in previous years to get some ‘quality’ time with our European customer base. When European video professionals choose to go to Vegas they tend to have the time to speak with more vendors than they would say at BVE or IBC where the time available is limited to one or two days. These days we use the show as a platform to connect with our global customer base.

We are excited to be attending the show this year with a booth/stand once again in the much desired South Hall, the exact location being: SL6125

At the show this year we will be talking about the 500 terabyte and One petabyte deals and showing how MatrixStore is the right choice for a nearline platform in any number of video content workflows. We will also be showing ingest and MAM workflows on our booth with our partners Cantemo/Vidispine and Glookast. A number of other Object Matrix technology partners such as ASG, Adobe, Marquis, Cambridge Imaging, Masstech, SGL, and Xendata, will be exhibiting at the show. Be sure to look them up also!

The #OMSTIGIMP is also making its last appearance thanks to the ‘Do it for the Kids’ appeal but PETAMAN makes its NAB debut. If you manage to get your picture with them on the Object Matrix Flickr pages then you stand the chance of winning a bottle of the wonderful Penderyn Welsh whiskey.

So if you have a need for a scalable, affordable and trusted nearline platform then drop us a line to make an appointment or drop by the stand for a much-needed bottle of water (with or without an al-bocca!) and a sit-down!

If you have not registered for the event please use the VIP code: LV3263