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Resilio defines resilience and efficiency for files in motion. The most demanding data-driven organizations trust Resilio to predictably replicate and synchronize their high-value assets of any size and type—in real-time—across any location and workflow, globally. Resilio extends Object Matrix to remote and hybrid work, global collaboration, and large-scale synchronization, distribution, and ingest. Data flows can be in any direction: bidirectional, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many (full mesh). Resilio’s unique peer-to-peer design reliably replicates files in parallel, across multiple endpoints, accelerating performance by up to 20x over conventional file transfer tools. Resilio protects files across multiple endpoints to eliminate single points of failures and ensure data integrity end-to-end. The software-only solution is centrally managed and works with popular tools and OS platforms (macOS, Windows, and Linux, among others).