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Imagen / Cambridge Imaging Systems

Cambridge Imaging Systems have been at the forefront of media asset management for 20 years. Our modular MAM software (Imagen) enables content owners to easily publish and monetise large-scale media archives in a branded web interface – in the cloud or self-hosted. Imagen is an off-the-shelf Media Asset Management, archive and publishing solution providing a cost effective way to manage all of your media assets – from ingest all the way through to browse, retrieval, output and distribution via the www. Our technology has been developed working on large-scale projects for corporate, educational and government clients. Imagen is a highly scalable solution for managing and distributing audio-visual assets. If you are a broadcaster, a producer of video content, a media curator or simply own a collection of audio-visual material that you want to publish or aggregate, Imagen will give you a full set of tools to ingest, catalogue, transcode and distribute your content through a fully customizable website.