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Cantemo is a software company based in Stockholm, Sweden which has established a foothold in the market with broadcast household names. Dedicated to the development of intuitive and streamlined media management solutions, its flagship product, Portal, is used by content creators and owners to intuitively manage their media.

Cantemo Portal

Cantemo Portal is like a warehouse of the ever-growing pool of video, audio, still images, and other forms of digital media. It provides fast search and playback no matter where your content lives in the multi-tiered storage environment, and it easily integrates with mainstream third-party tools like NLE’s, transcoders, distribution engines, and archive solutions.

Cantemo iconik

A space for thinkers and storytellers to discover and be inspired, and to tell their own stories. iconik makes sharing and collaborating on media effortless, regardless of geographic location. And thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence, it is easier than ever to discover content.

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