Firstly, a belated happy new year to you and yours!

We, Object Matrix, wanted to share with you our vision and plans for 2014 which have largely been driven by our customers in order to satisfy the ever evolving content management challenges faced by the entire media industry. As a summary this includes:-

  • Cost – Reducing the cost of owning and managing storage with a proven and trusted platform with compelling pricing and capacity bundles.
  • Workflows – Streamline access to that content by adding more integrations with 3rd party providers of ingest tools, live event recording, MAMs/DAMs/PAMs, VOD, playout, transcoding and many more.
  • Faster – Provide faster access to your content by making 10GigE connected nearline storage affordable and more scalable than ever.

If you want to know more about how Object Matrix can provide more business benefit out of your storage infrastructure in 2014 please do get in touch to arrange a call. If you wish to learn more about our vision for 2014 please read on below.

2014 Vision
Object Matrix sees 2014 as the year where 10GigE connected storage gains greater traction within organisations big and small. The majority of our quotes have moved from GigE to 10GigE connected MatrixStore clusters as organisations upgrade their network infrastructure with the requirement of getting their hands on their data quicker than ever before.

Denser Nodes
6TB drives are now available for use. Object Matrix will be adding MatrixStore nodes to existing MatrixStore clusters using those drives within 6 months. The beauty of not being tied to hardware platforms or disk sizes!

Private Storage Services
Given companies now require instant and fast access to full resolution content they are shunning public storage service providers (aka the ‘cloud’) and implementing their own private storage service platforms. Object based solutions, like MatrixStore, are built to provide fast access to petabytes of content with little or no management effort.

Upgrade or Replace?
Object Matrix is receiving many enquiries from organisations whose existing Isilon, BlueArc and other storage platforms are coming to the end of their 3-year support period. Typically the support renewals are not cost effective and so a refresh is often the only economical course of action. We also have companies enquiring if MatrixStore can act as a nearline to platforms where the promised path to expansion is blocked technically or by budget constraints.

If you are in a similar position you could get a better return on your investment and improved business benefit by replacing or complementing those solutions with an intelligent and integrated storage solution. The 500TB and Petabyte 10GigE bundle offers provide amazing value for money and typically our support packages last five years.

Keep your friends close and your data even closer
Media organisations are increasingly seeing LTO media as a deep, offsite data protection layer moving to disk based nearline solutions provides closer, quicker access to their content. The following is a list of some of the workflows supported using MatrixStore as a nearline platform:

  • Ingest from cards, streams or digital data transfer technologies with supported online/offline workflows
  • Parking projects to free space on the production storage and to enable re-purposing, promo and other workflows
  • Encoding/transcode to and from different MatrixStore vaults
  • MAMS, DAMs and PAMs. MatrixStore is integrated at API level to provide seamless and management free access to your archived content
  • Finishing, Compositing, Grading.
  • Distribution/Playout/VOD. Scaleable, management free and proven for VOD and distribution workflows.

In many cases a single installation supports two or more of the above thanks to our management free Vault technology.

The View from OM

2014 is looking very exciting with faster, denser clusters using the same power and space footprint. The 500TB and Petabyte quotes also flying out proving organisations need more local storage for their HD, 3D and 4K workflows!