• 12 September 2018

Steve Sharman – Object Matrix Visionary

Steve Sharman Visionary

Steve Sharman – Object Matrix Visionary

Steve Sharman – Object Matrix Visionary 1024 576 Object Matrix

Steve Sharman – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix


Steve Sharman founded Hackthorn Innovation to help media businesses and storytellers use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to tell the most engaging stories that they can, in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Steve has worked with companies such as UKTV, Sky, the BBC and Foxtel to solve challenges around planning, producing and distributing compelling content to deliver rich audience experiences. He is a computer scientist by training and inclination, and was previously CTO of Mediasmiths, and Chief Architect, Media and Entertainment at IBM.

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

People don’t buy technology, they buy outcomes, and smart people buy from good people. Nick, Jon, Francisco and the rest of the team are clever, driven, honest and great fun to work with – and that combination, plus liberal doses of hard work, realism and sheer bloodymindedness has enabled them to build Object Matrix from an interesting idea into a trusted brand that big names in media rely on – from protecting file-based camera footage, through to securing VoD assets at scale. Over the past ten years, as well as the storage stuff, we’ve worked together on initiatives like WIG which was a ground-breaker in getting suppliers and customers together for a decent non-sales conversation, and I like to think that at least some of the advice I’ve given them between pints has been of use. Above all, I’ve never had a moments regret about recommending MatrixStore and the OM team to clients.

First Met

I first met you at a MatrixStore presentation in Manchester – you wanted to meet me because you’d got a completely mistaken notion that I had something to do with the technology at the Olympics and could help you sell your weird disk archive thing…

Object Matrix Comment:

I met Steve (& Niall) way back in 2009 when we were trying to embed ourselves into the UK creative space. At the time Steve (and Niall) were co-founders/partners in a very successful media consultancy business with Mr Sharman being the CTO techy geek brains.

After stalking Steve at an event in Manchester and following several meetings, definitely not consuming beer, it became apparent we shared the same disruptive aims, an ethos for challenging the norm and a love of all things rugby (albeit Steve chose the wrong side).

Together with our friends at Vidispine we founded the WIG (Workflow Innovation Group) back in 2010, the aim of which was to listen to the challenges the industry faced and adapt our roadmaps accordingly (as opposed to telling customers how they should do things which were and is sometimes still the case). WIG worked and continues to be a success largely due to Steves expert technical, presentational and moderation skills coupled with a distinct no sales BS approach.

Whilst we have sometimes disagreed on some technical trends Steve has always been an influencer and good friend within OM towers.

Thanks loads Steve.