• 5 October 2020

Spend, Save, Generate

Spend save generate

Spend, Save, Generate

Spend, Save, Generate 1024 576 Object Matrix

The need to access all of your library content remotely, as well as from on-prem, efficiently, and cost-effectively has never been greater than during this year of disruption. Our customers tell us that our solutions and products bring them many benefits:

  • Ops staff not servicing requests to find and get content.
  • Producers being more efficient as the content is at their fingertips.
  • Being able to access the archive from anywhere without manual intervention and using workflows that are familiar to the creative and production teams.

All of these things ensure our customers become more efficient, save money operationally and can generate more revenue by the very fact that all their content is at their fingertips.

  • With operational teams able to stop working on menial media management tasks they can concentrate on the functions that will add value to the organisation in other areas.
  • If producers have unhindered access to everything they can and will do more thus generating more revenue or engagement. No more putting projects off due to the speed of content coming back from the archive!
  • The building might be closed but work needs to be done. Access to the archive is more important than ever to ensure revenue-generating activities continue without sending people into offices in protective personal equipment to manually manage media.
  • If you use public cloud archive and need to access more than 5% of it during a year then we can help you save even more money whilst giving you access to your entire library.

So, based on the above, we can clearly and confidently state that every $£€1 spent on MatrixStore Cloud storage (local, private or hybrid) will save you at least £$€2 in operational costs and enable you to generate more revenue. Finally a solution your CFO will like!

If you would like to benefit from implementing a MatrixStore Cloud storage platform that suits your media workflows and budgetary requirements then please do get in touch.

Contact us to find out more!

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