Specialist Suppliers vs Faceless Generalists

Specialist Suppliers vs Faceless Generalists

One of the reasons Object Matrix continues to grow in the video industry (VoD, Post-Production, Broadcast, telecoms, banks and even energy companies) is that our company is only focused on the video industry.

Sure, our object storage and digital content governance platforms are completely horizontal and could service any industry but back in 2008, we decided to focus on a niche. And the video was that niche.

What does it mean to our customers? For one, everyone in the OM office understands the market we work in, understands the challenges our customers face and understands the language. Many of the generalist suppliers may only have one video specialist to cover West or East. That’s not West or East coast that’s West or East of the globe!

Recently a major generalist supplier dropped out of one of the major industry trade shows. I’d like to think it was in protest of the needless 5th day but in truth, it seems to be more related to trying to push the industry into the cloud technology they want the industry to use whether the industry is ready for it or not.

As I alluded to in a previous post, the broadcast (video) industry is supported by thousands of small and medium sized companies*, specialists in their own field providing the levels of support and understanding the big guns never can or will.

With language in mind here is a cheeky little comparison table to show the difference.

Specialist Suppliers vs Faceless Generalists

If you need a platform that is integrated into the way you work and supported by a team that cares about you and your industry then give us a shout.

Thanks a lot for reading and I welcome your comments as always.

* Please check out Object Matrix, Glookast, Automate-IT, Vidispine, Cantemo, Fortium Technologies, Archiware, Tools On Air and many other specialised & dedicated companies who have the solutions to meet your video workflow challenges!

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix provides digital content governance and object storage platforms. The company was built on the philosophy that archive systems should be scalable and interoperable, as well as ensuring instant access to data and metadata. Its flagship product, MatrixStore, is an integrated object storage software solution providing protection and governance for the lifetime of any digital content. It’s used by global organisations that create, curate, and distribute video content, including NBC Universal, TV Globo, the BBC and BT.

Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with intuitive user interfaces. In addition to providing solutions and product integrations for the storage, search and retrieval of media assets, Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration, and ongoing support services.