Tiered Storage

It is becoming clear that tiered storage is becoming a hard requirement for any organisation creating, manipulating or re-purposing digital content. It is no longer the done thing to cram everything that comes into the facility straight onto the production disk, be it AVID ISIS or Apple XSAN they both are not designed as secure repositories for the prolonged protection of hundreds of terabytes of content.

The ideal storage platform lets the Nearline take the strain, getting older content off the production disk in order to allow the end users the un-fettered super fast access to the clips they need to access.

Scalable and Secure

Move or park entire projects with a single click to a platform that requires very little management and adding capacity is a simple one touch process. When you want the content back simply search for it, check it is what you need and bring it back to the production disk. It is possible to view content whilst it resides in MatrixStore using the MatrixStore File System Interface (MXFS).
The SAN should be kept small, efficient to ensure your employees have unhindered access to their working assets. Once that data is no longer being worked on the assets can be moved or parked to a more reliable, management free storage solution providing nearline, multi-user access 24/7.

Searchable Metadata

Using DropSpot from Object Matrix you can add metadata on the fly as it is being archived to the nearline MatrixStore Vault. DropSpot also allows you to build custom metadata forms that can enforce disciplined metadata entry thus ensuring the process is more efficient and effective. It is also possible to add metadata to content already archived to MatrixStore should the context around that content change.
By enforcing strict metadata entry and ensuring content is kept fresh it becomes a breeze to find content in a MatrixStore Nearline cluster at any point in time in the futre.