Disaster Recovery

Whilst organizations so frequently have mature Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies in place for general IT systems such as e-mail servers, the same cannot be said for their revenue generating workflows. Object Matrix provides solutions and consultancy for Disaster Recovery strategies within:

  • Media repositories for video on demand and content distribution platforms
  • Post-Production workflows (protecting work in progress)
  • MAMs & PAMs (Production Asset Management) including proven and trusted Avid Interplay and Cantemo based Adobe workflows

MatrixStore Replication

Reliable data replication is a key building block for disaster recovery. It enables organisations to keep their objects (media assets) situated in geographically dispersed locations.

Object Matrix Disaster Recovery

Because MatrixStore has replication built-in it is easy to use and extremely powerful. Furthermore, Object Matrix makes no extra charge for the functionality.

Attributes to look for in a Replication solution

  • Simple to set-up and use = less human or technical errors
  • Not tied to the underlying hardware = flexibility and serviceable in the future
  • Neither O/S specific nor data type specific
  • Works over standard transport protocols or VPNs
  • Facilitate fast disaster recovery in the case that one site is lost, that work can immediately continue at the replicated site
  • Scalable performance
  • Easy to select data that needs replicating and data that doesn’t
  • Ability to replicate deletes or not to
  • Facilitate high availability, e.g., by allowing Reads from either the source or target of the replication
  • Secure data transmission options

MatrixStore Replication supports and/or facilitates each of the above attributes and is currently used by the world’s largest broadcasters, telcos and media organisations for these purposes.