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Digital Preservation

MatrixStore is built using object based technology. The characteristics of this approach means that the platform is well suited to the demands of long term digital preservation and deep archiving. The technology allows file based assets to be archived and future proofed against technological advancements.

When comparing different solutions one needs to ensure that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any archive system does not result in a very expensive data migration requirement further down the line with a potential loss of assets. This can be very true of tape based systems. It is also important to factor in the Total Economic Benefit (TEB) a solution brings to your organisation. Imagine what you could achieve for your organisation if you have full 10GigE instant access to all your archive.

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Increased productivity, assets re-use, regulation compliance, fine avoidance, results in an annual value of that data to the company of assets being available online and readily available. Potential new revenue streams can be gained by making the data available via the internet, on demand to customers, or any number of other usage scenarios which benefit from instant random access to files. These are some of the opportunity benefits that can be compared between disk and tape based storage, depending on the usage scenarios.

In terms of finding the content required, the adage of “If you cannot find it you do not have it” comes into its own when content is protected long term in a disk based, searchable, MatrixStore Archive.

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