Scalable and Highly Secure Storage for VoD and Content Distribution

Provider of on-demand streaming media enable its broadband customers to watch Video On Demand (VOD). Content that is ingested from many varied delivery networks is required to be protected and available to be transcoded into any number of formats for future delivery to end customers. Originally the VOD content was only protected in a large LTO tape robot making access to the material slow and cumbersome. VOD companies required a solution that could provide instant access to the content they need to protect and re-purpose whilst requiring little or no administrative management. After ruling out the continued use of the LTO platform and finding that other nearline offerings were limited in both scalability and offering future workflow support, MatrixStore from Object Matrix is selected to be the best solution.

BT VoD Case Study

 BT Video On Demand Case Study
Video on Demand, Media distribution

MatrixStore provides (among others):

  • Highly secure vaults instantly protecting the content on Raid6 MatrixStore nodes.
  • Guaranteed data authenticity coupled with ongoing automated data verification and repair.
  • An open API for integration with the existing MAM and future file based workflows.
  • A scalable solution that requires little or no management enabling the addition of future storage technologies as and when they become available.
  • Compatible in any NLE workflow allowing content to be browsed direct from the nearline platform.

MatrixStore acts as a resilient digital preservation repository, complementing the existing production storage and providing guaranteed access to clips as and when required. The existing MAM solution manages the ingest of hi-resolution content into MatrixStore for long term protection. That content is then transcoded and also protected in a MatrixStore vault for future delivery via playout servers or a multitude of other platforms. Migration in place. Content moves automatically to newer storage technology as and when legacy hardware is de-commissioned.

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