Repurpose Workflows Require Integrated & Automated Solutions

Repurpose Object Matrix

Making content available in a number of formats and locations is a significant opportunity and challenge for the industry. For whilst viewer’s demand that they are able to access video when they want and where they want creates the opportunity for the broadcaster to deliver more content to the viewer, creating and delivery that content to a content delivery network (CDN) requires intelligent movement of data, segmented content into clips, appropriate metadata handling and fast file based delivery.

MatrixStore can benefit Repurpose workflows at multiple levels:

  • It provides a central place to store, augment, search and retrieve metadata
  • It provides a fast access, online and scalable store of data with high uptimes
  • It works seamlessly with leading content management systems (CMS)
  • It has been integrated with leading content delivery network solutions (CDN)

All of which make MatrixStore easy to use and implement into the critical workflow.

Because MatrixStore provides fast disk based access to the content and clips processes, such as taking an original program, segmenting the data and delivering the data, that were previously labour intensive and/or based on LTO solutions can be automated and reduced from hours of work to just minutes. MatrixStore plays a critical part in that process, not only because it provides robust and fast file based access to data, but also because it integrates via it’s API, FTP and filesystem interfaces to a myriad of applications that require access to the content.

To provide the time shifted and omni-location viewing experience content consumers require, MatrixStore is the perfect central storage hub.

Find out how Object Matrix can help you and your organisation to resolve your storage challenges:

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