Scalable nearline storage for transmission ready content

  • Object based Central storage Vault for TX content
  • Media Movement for streamlined workflow management
  • Mini Asset Management, Content and Version tracking
  • AS-11 metadata compliant
  • 264 proxy creation and viewing
  • Web Browser User interface (HTML5)
  • 99.9% high availability
  • Amortize operational costs with Multiple tenancy
  • Deep Archive LTO option with LTFS support
  • Business Continuity (DR plan) option

MatrixStore integrates Broadcast Playout in the Master Control workflow by providing a central storage vault for TX ready content. This can be for a single channel or multiple channels with all content safely secured using Object Matrix’s multiple tenancy feature. This could be part of a larger ecosystem managing nearline and archive storage for Production and News operations.

When new playlists arrive from a Traffic system, Automation or Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB), the files are securely parked in the MatrixStore storage Vault ready for high speed (10GigE) transfer to the Playout Video Servers. MatrixStore removes the need for high capacity storage across video servers and ensures a redundant copy is always available.

MatrixStore can monitor a storage location for new content. MatrixStore will then automatically transfer the file from ingest via Ethernet to a nominated Vault. Once the file is copied into MatrixStore (this may be a QC Vault for initial approval processing), AS-11 metadata if present will be extracted and a proxy will be made in H.264 and saved in the proxy storage vault. Once the proxies are created, the source file may be immediately backed up to either a DR MatrixStore or a deep archive tape library.

Users are able to search for the Assets within the MatrixStore Vision web browser enabled GUI from any connected computer. Because the files are in H.264 and are referenced to the original high resolution file. Users are able to view the proxies directly from Vision. The proxy will display timecode and Vision will display metadata for that Asset.

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