Video data storage management for utility companies

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Video analysis of infrastructure

Utility companies need to maintain thousands of miles of infrastructure, pipes and network cables. Video analysis is a key tool in this process.

This process requires the storage and management of hours upon hours of file based inspection video. For many companies the video data management process is very manually intensive.

Top 3 features

  1. Policy ensures data cannot be deleted before a retention period dictates
  2. Configurable audit log can tracks all operations (administrative & data)
  3. Full network security is employed to stop replay, sniffing, data modification and other attacks


Specific issues they face include:

  • Recording, protecting and logging the content on several remote sites is largely a manual and paper based exercise
  • Locating data within a large library of media and formats is time consuming and not always successful
  • Migrating the data from format to format is both timely and error prone
  • Having the data in a static format on a shelf mean the data was not readily available to be analysed or reviewed
  • Complexity in protecting content in accordance with internal company policies
  • Sharing content with the wider business is slow and laborious

EDF Case Study

EDF Energy Datasheet

Why utility companies use MatrixStore

Utility companies like EDF choose MatrixStore because it:

  • Is a portable solution
  • Automates data capture
  • Supports complex transcoding workflows
  • Stores data securely
  • Enables efficient access to assets over a network
  • Provides disaster recovery technology to protect digital data

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