MatrixStore and SAP Data

Object Matrix’s CertoStore software creates an SAP ArchiveLink to securely store your SAP data into MatrixStore’s secure data platform. Utlising the MatrixStore API the link makes archiving from SAP completely straightforward while taking advantages of the many security, data authentication, scalability, replication and many other features of MatrixStore.

Built not only to safely archive SAP data the solution also creates better SAP economics and improves the overall SAP system performance optimising SAP application data.



  • Improves user productivity and efficiency of SAP business processes by providing integrated/linked SAP content (ILM)

  • Provides BW Archiving and Near Line Storage functionality as of version 7.01

  • ERP on HANA Archiving and offloading of non-reporting relevant data (e.g. documents don’t need to reside in-memory, data does)

  • Improves the overall SAP system performance and reduces cost by archiving SAP application data

  • No need for expensive and time consuming additional backups: secure Disk based storage with default dual protection and optional remote replication

  • SAP ArchiveLink / HTTP Content Server is a Hardware and Platform independent interface

  • CertoStore makes use of the proven MatrixStore object storage server software

  • Provides BW on HANA Archiving and Near Line Storage functionality

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