A secure, scalable storage solution for financial institutions. Provides regulation compliance support.

Finance Object Matrix

Financial organisations have demanding requirements for data storage that go far beyond the storage merely being secure, scalable and searchable. The highest levels of data authentication, full user access control, comprehensive auditing of access and actions and the overall ability to support growing regulation compliance requirements are benefits that very few storage solutions meet or even attempt to meet. MatrixStore does.

MatrixStore and Media Data

Many people are surprised at the amount of media financial companies generate, yet it is only increasing: audio voice data, video footage of meetings and conferences, training materials, security recordings are just some of the data types recorded and MatrixStore can store them all with simplicity and little user management.
Built from the inside out to support strong security models, auditing (with the audits given the same level of protection as the data itself), searchable and extendable metadata, strong authentication of data delivery and built in protection against bit rot are just some of the reasons that many leading banks have selected MatrixStore.

With Object Matrix’s strong list of Media Technology partners we will happily partner with you to ensure the strongest workflows for your needs are supported and advised upon.


  • Keep a quickly searchable and accessible archive of media data

  • Be able to distribute requested information in a timely fashion

  • Indexes and improves metadata for future search – if you can’t find it why keep it?

  • Demonstrate to regulators that data is safe from loss or deletion, audited

  • Has an eye to the future – new hardware types can be added into an existing cluster

  • Proven workflows with many other technology partners and financial institutions

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