Our R&D project with Airbus Defence and Space explores big data management solutions for HD CCTV and emergent surveillance sensors

CCTV Object Matrix

Large scale, multi-tenancy sensor networks throw up some of the most exciting big data challenges we face today.

Airbus Defence & Space

At the heart of this project are the key problems that many big data systems face, namely those of Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity of data. Object Matrix expertise in securely handling and storing data is being utilised to tackle future system demands including bandwidth management, standardisation of heterogeneous data, interoperability and operational efficiency.

Research and development challenges

  • Explosion in sensors collecting different types of data
  • The increase in popularity of HD CCTV cameras
  • Organisations trapped in data silo’s
  • Pressures on bandwidth and throughput
  • Patchworks of standards and formats
  • Analysis of huge amounts of video sitting in archives
  • Advances in edge sensor analytics
  • Programmatic management of stored data

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