The Perfect Cloud Storage Solution for Corporate Media Environments

Object Matrix has over 17 years experience of implementing MatrixStore object storage into highly regulated environments. Its core technology has been designed with security and regulatory compliance at its core.

Many corporations such as banks, insurance, mining, research, life science and utility companies have either media, post-production or audio visual (AV) departments. Such teams handle internal communications, training, investor relations, monitoring, or more commonly these days, control bringing content production back in-house.

As there is no 'corporate video editing application', the media departments turn to the best in breed solutions from the creative video world (Adobe, Avid etc.) to get the job done. Much like broadcast and post-production facilities around the globe, corporate organisations also use creative tools to capture, edit, share, present and archive video content. They too need workflows to be integrated, tested and proven.

Corporate organisations typically face external regulatory scrutiny, so the nearline and archive platforms they use usually require 'bank-level' security capability that adheres to the highest levels of Digital Content Governance (DCG).

MatrixStore is a media-focused cloud (local, private and hybrid) storage platform that is built on the award-winning object storage software. It is tightly integrated into video workflows with full built-in DCG capabilities and is proven in highly regulated environments.

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'Object Matrix has worked with us for over 7 years to not only ensure our content is always available and protected in accordance with our internal corporate policies but also to help our workflows evolve as our business needs evolve'

Benefits of Implementing MatrixStore

  • Puts your content where you want it, when you want it, from ingest and nearline to archive and cloud
  • Increases operational efficiency through tight workflow integrations and automation
  • Limits disruption with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Enables global collaboration and empowers creativity
  • Reduces management overheads and increases productivity
  • Ensures your content is future proof in performance, capacity, workflow and access
  • Enables all archive assets to be monetised
  • Digital Content Governance meets regulation compliance demands, providing high-levels of data security, auditing and searchability

Helping You Solve Your Challenges

Pain Point Solution
Need to share video content produced internally with the corporate team. MatrixStore object storage and Vision, the web-based content browser, enables you to share content from any location with internal and external teams.
Constantly being asked to find and share content. MatrixStore object storage and the intuitive Vision application enable authorised teams and/or individuals to self-serve content freeing up the AV/post-production teams to get on with other more meaningful tasks.
We need a storage platform that works with creative workflows but that meets our own internal audit and regulations around data protection and retention. MatrixStore object storage is integrated with leading creative applications and vendors. It also comes with full Digital Content Governance to ensure you can implement business rules in accordance with internal or external regulations.
Our IT vendors do not understand our video workflows or the challenges we face. Object Matrix has been dedicated to video workflows for well over a decade. We understand both your production challenges and regulatory challenges. Generalist suppliers never will.

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