MatrixStore Compliance

Governance, Authenticity and Availability

Compliance requirements set by external government agencies are on the rise globally. Regulators are now focusing on more factors than simple data retention, they want to see evidence of data authenticity, protection and availability, audit trails and security enforcement. The onus is on the whole organisation to ensure that the processes are in place and are followed but the real scrutiny comes when data needs to be presented at a given time with proof of its authenticity. That is when technology becomes an essential part of the workflow.
Governance, authenticity and an audit trail is required throughout the lifetime of the content from creation to archive. Generally, the requirements placed upon the technology pieces come down to retention and authenticity of data, access control and availability.
British standards such as BSI BIP 0008 have been put in place to ensure the long term (6 years) authenticity and availability of digital records. MatrixStore provides all the functionality required to protect legal, financial, defence and video data in accordance with global regulations. It does this with very little management or administrative effort allowing employees to carry out tasks that will add value to the organisation. The table below gives the MatrixStore approach to tackling those requirements.

Requirement MatrixStore Solution
Retention of data Policy stored with data enforces that the data cannot be deleted before its time. Not even with administrator access.
Audit logs and log files Configurable audit log can tracks all operations (administrative & data).
WORM Data stored as fixed content cannot be modified.
Authenticity Digest calculated when the data is stored acts as a guarantee that the data is bitwise exactly the same when it is read back as when it was originally stored. Periodic scrubbing of the content also ensures this is the case.
Security and Privacy Full network security is employed to stop replay, sniffing, data modification and other attacks. User access rights can be set only giving access to authorised personnel. Optionally data may also be stored encrypted.
Accessibility Time to first byte is sub-second, even under heavy load.
Searchability Built-in database can support many searches per second across millions of database entries. Our view is that data entered into the store should be entered with 100s of keywords to enable Web style search of unstructured data.
Disaster Recovery Covered on two levels: by replication to a separate cluster and/or by generation of tapes. Data is stored on a single cluster such that 4 disks would need to irrevocably fail before data is at risk.
Different regulations need to be handled Since each object stored can be given its own policy, the same MatrixStore can be used to handle the different many differing regulations.
Ever growing storage capacity required Extra storage capacity can be added via plug and play, alternatively, data may be streamed


There are a growing list of regulations being created globally covering all classes of data (Legal documents, CCTV footage, email and telephone records etc.) whilst technology is only one piece of the overall solution MatrixStore can take some of the pain out of the process. Click to learn how we are helping the advertising, broadcast and post production industries cope with creating repeatable, audited and governed workflows.