• 4 September 2018

Simon Harper – Object Matrix Visionary

Simon Harper Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

Simon Harper – Object Matrix Visionary

Simon Harper – Object Matrix Visionary 800 450 Object Matrix

How I Met Object Matrix

Simon has worked in the media tech industry since the early 1980’s and was first attracted to computer based movie pictures when Apple released an early beta version of QuickTime. Since then having traversed all the required stages through the reseller channel, distribution and manufacturers, Simon ended up with a business development role at Apple for many years. Following this he has run his own channel development company / consultancy and helped various small but very innovative and interesting companies find their feet. Simon has always been very people and product focused and is now currently Product Manager for MAM and Archive at Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

First Met & The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

I believe I first met (the then young) Nick Pearce at NAB in 2007/8 while I was working at Channel Dynamics and we were looking for new and exciting products to distribute in the UK. What immediately struck me first about Object Matrix was not the product but Nick’s utterly focused enthusiasm for what they were building as a company. Certainly a person to believe in. Since this time I have enjoyed seeing them grow and flourish as a company and become one of the leading lights in Object Storage. Here’s to the next 15 years and beyond!

Object Matrix Comment

We met Simon at NAB 2008 and it was clear that he had a passion for technology (massive apple fan boy) and also helping small companies with cool tech to break into the UK Media and Entertainment space. Simon was instrumental in helping us to become part of the UK (and beyond) creative scene through very warm introductions to his friends, partners and colleagues.
Big Thanks, Simon.