• 7 September 2018

Rich Moss – Object Matrix Visionary

Rich Moss – Object Matrix Visionary

Rich Moss – Object Matrix Visionary

Rich Moss – Object Matrix Visionary 800 450 Object Matrix

Rich Moss – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix


Rich Moss. Managing Director, Gorilla TV Ltd.

30 years in Broadcast TV from Finishing Editor and Colourist to co-founder, owner, Managing Director of several post houses in Wales and London. A Nations & Regions pioneer of talent and services and relationships, Rich has always sought out and used new technologies to advance the business.

Currently MD of Wales’ largest Post Facility and member of various industry boards and advisory panels.

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

OM worked with us from the outset to develop and integrate their storage in line with our workflow demands. Their flexibility and speed of response has been excellent as has their approach to business models and industry changes.

First Met

2009 when we purchased our first MxS nodes at ‘Mwnci’

Object Matrix Comment

Much like Fokke, Rich took a punt on Object Matrix when he did not really have to do so. By doing so, and putting his trust in us, back in 2009 he helped kick start a new and exciting chapter in our journey. Since then Rich and the team (Ken, Rhodri, Paul) have helped shape our offerings, been keen beta-testers of new functionality and hosted countless reference visits to their amazing Cardiff based facilities. Without that backing, support and trust it would have been many times more difficult to grow the customer base in the Avid community. Two things from our past that we still laugh (a lot!) about today include sellotape, leaving cash on the table and that meal in Vegas .. to find out more about that you need to speak with us in person!

Thanks a lot Rich, your ongoing support has been tremendous and we are super proud to have been part of the Mwnci/Boom/Gorilla success story.