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Review of 2016 and Predictions for 2017

This year has been super for Object Matrix and the outlook for next year even better. On the theme of predictions, this time last year we made some predictions for 2016. How did we get on do you think?

  • Protect, Curate, Process and Distribute.
    What we said
    MAMs, DAMs and PAMs will continue to dominate discussions regardless if the format is SD or 8K. The need to find content, share it and generate revenue or a following requires an asset management strategy.

Well MAMs are here to stay for sure but in 2016 many organisations still don’t have them. Many need them and are talking about implementing them but maybe don’t need the breadth the functionality they offer just to view and share assets. In April Object Matrix released Vision (not a MAM) to provide customers with a view on content in their MatrixStore archive. It’s proven a big hit with some Object Matrix customers who are using it to offer access to content to their production customers as an additional service.

  • If you don’t have two copies.
    What we said
    Business continuity planning and research into integrated disaster recovery platforms will continue at pace. DR is not just for large organisations, it is essential for all organisations who handle content to generate revenue.

This prediction continues to ring true with a number of our customers adding additional offsite MatrixStore object storage to provide a DR platform to ensure business continuity in the event of an outage. Examples include London based Halo Post and Orange in France.

  • Cards and random names.
    What we said
    The ability to protect card content from journalists in the field will continue to challenge the largest of organisations. Most use elaborate naming mechanisms and folder structures to manage this content but it is not automated nor integrated as not all asset management tools cover this important workflow.

True. This continues to be an issue as more content comes into facilities in various formats. OM, and partners provided a number of solutions in 2016 to help manage this particular challenge.

  • Integration, Automation and Consolidation.
    What we said
    Managing 4K content on an SD budget requires smarter workflows. Organisations do not want several workflow or storage silos. They do however require appropriate platforms for the tasks in hand that are integrated into the way they need to work and make commercial sense.

True. Existing and new customers implemented strategies this year to reduce silos of storage into a single, more integrated and automated platform. If only there was a blog post about that.

  • Hybrid and Integrated Services.
    What we said
    Whilst a number of organisations are looking to the cloud, their options are somewhat limited. The race to the bottom means Amazon and Microsoft are focusing on price alone, it puts them in the Asda or Walmart bracket in terms of service. A new breed of service provider is emerging that will offer equally scalable offerings but that are more tightly integrated and offer a level of support at both integrator and manufacturer level that Amazon and Microsoft cannot match.

Partially true. More organisations are looking to the cloud but many are realizing that the public cloud providers are not relevant in this industry or cost too much to actually get their data back. 2017 will see the emergence of more hybrid cloud storage services that provide more workflow integration coupled with commercial models more suited to the media industries.

2017 Predictions
We think most of the predictions from 2016 are still good for 2017 also but we are going to add two more predictions for 2017:

  • The lust for 4K content is going to drive technology change in a bigger way than expected. Unless you have a $20k client to edit native 4k you will need a workflow that can handle proxy driven editing. For that, you will also need an integrated tiered storage platform. Predicting 4K will cause change is not a big deal, old news right? But evidence is showing many just are not ready for it and some are struggling today almost as much as when the industry went tapeless.
  • Data Governance. Where is it, who looked at it, who deleted it, how many times was it used. Typical questions being asked about content but not always answered. Providing detailed audits during the lifetime of content is becoming increasingly important. I predict that data governance will be a thing in 2017 and beyond.

We would be very interested in any predictions you might have or to get your thoughts on our predictions for 2016 and 2017. In the mean time, thank you for taking the time to read this email and we hope you have a fabulous holiday period and a prosperous, safe and happy 2017.

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