To sign off 2015 with style, we hope, I wanted to share some great things that have happened in this our most successful year to date. I also wanted to look forward to 2016 with a few predictions for our industry.

First some highlights from 2015 starting with some great, and recent, news out of Paris:

We have also secured orders and installed MatrixStore in Disaster Recovery Workflows at one of the world’s largest broadcasters. There are many more examples to share so please do get in touch to learn how we may be able to help your organisation.

2016 Predictions
Whilst both the storage and video industries are constantly evolving some challenges remain constant:

  • Protect, Curate, Process and Distribute. MAMs, DAMs and PAMs will continue to dominate discussions regardless if the format is SD or 8K. The need to find content, share it and generate revenue or a following requires an asset management strategy. Its super having 4K footage of ‘that try’ or ‘that touchdown’ but if you cannot find it you do not have it.
  • If you don’t have two copies. Business continuity planning and research into integrated disaster recovery platforms will continue a pace. DR is not just for large organisations, it is essential for all orgainsations who handle content to generate revenue. See our article on Linkedin for more information.
  • Cards and random names. The ability to protect card content from journalists in the field will continue to challenge the largest of organisations. Most use elaborate naming mechanisms and folder structures to manage this content but it is not automated nor integrated as not all asset management tools cover this important workflow. Expect to see innovation in workflow automation in 2016.
  • Integration, Automation and Consolidation. Managing 4K content on and SD budget requires smarter workflows. Organisations do not want several workflow or storage silos. They do however require appropriate platforms for that task in hand that are integrated into the way they need to work and make commercial sense. I believe 2016 will be the year of the API and a year in which customers drive more technical collaboration between their suppliers.
  • Hybrid and Integrated Services. This is possibly the biggest prediction to make.
    • Integrated. Whilst a number of organisations are looking to the cloud their options are somewhat limited. The race to the bottom means Amazon and Microsoft are focusing on price alone, it puts them in the Asda or Walmart bracket in terms of service. A new breed of service provider is emerging that will offer equally scalable offerings but that are more tightly integrated and offer a level of support at both integrator and manufacturer level that Amazon and Microsoft cannot match. If you want to put your data in the cloud and think you might actually want it back at some point then the economics, performance and workflow integration all need to be considered.
    • Hybrid. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Never a truer truism! Using a managed offsite service for your +1 copy of treasured assets makes more long term commercial sense than putting both your copies there. Having a hybrid model of on-premises infrastructure for immediate, un-hindered access to content whilst putting safety copies offsite will bring more ROI in the long term. Expect to see more organisations offering this service in 2016.

For all the challenges above Object Matrix can help with tightly integrated solutions we have developed for the broadcast market or via one of our many excellent technical partners. I would also be very interested to hear your predictions for 2016 so please do get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and we hope you have a fabulous holiday period and a prosperous, safe and happy 2016.

Object Matrix Christmas Card 2015