MatrixStore Deployment Options

MatrixStore storage clusters are configured with 3 or more MatrixStore nodes. Scale storage and performance by adding more nodes of any size.

Cluster 3 Nodes Node MatrixStore as a Service Software Only
Product MatrixStore Enterprise MatrixStore Quattro MatrixStore as a Service Software Only
Capacity 72TB to Petabytes 48TB to 256TB 100TB to Petabytes 500TB+
Node Capacity (TB) 24, 48, 72, 96, 144, 216, 360 16 (1 Quattro contains 3 or 4 nodes) NA NA
Minimum Configuration 3 MatrixStore Nodes * 1 Quattro NA 3 Nodes
Data Protection Options Single or Dual copies, Replication Single or Dual copies, Replication Standard and Enhanced NA
RAID Protection RAID6 None NA NA
Node Dimensions 2u, 4u 2u NA NA
Node Power Dual (Redundant) Dual (Redundant) NA NA
Node Connectivity Dual / SFP+ / RJ45 Dual GigE NA NA
Node Performance Up to 10Gb per node Up to 1Gb per node in the Quattro NA NA

Please contact the Object Matrix team to arrange a demonstration or to discuss the benefits of MatrixStore Enterprise, MatrixStore Quattro and MatrixStore Hub in more detail.

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