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MatrixStore is the media focused private & hybrid cloud storage platform that enables organisations to benefit, financially and operationally, from modernising video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets.

Built upon digital content governance and object based storage technology, MatrixStore provides an integrated and automated storage platform to support multiple media based workflows whilst providing a secure and scalable solution for all your data storage requirements.

MatrixStore Datasheet

MatrixStore Object Matrix

What is Object Storage?

What is Object Storage? (Technology White Paper)

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Media Data Replication

Media Data Replication White Paper Technology Jon Morgan

(Technology White Paper)

Data Security Datasheet

Data Security MatrixStore Object Matrix

Key Functionality

  • Intelligent data and metadata protection ensures you will always be able to find, use and share your content with internal or external teams
  • Future proof and non-disruptive scale ensures you will never run out of room for your 8K videos, Photography stills or project documentation
  • Business rules support to ensure your organisation is seen to put data protection, audit and content security first
  • Built in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity ensures organisations can keep working in the event of a local outage
  • Unique Process in Place (PiP) functionality processes the data where it lives providing a platform to put AI at the heart of your workflows
  • Standard interfaces and formats ensure you are not tied into a proprietary platform (SMB, NFS, FTP, S3 and MatrixStore API access)
  • MatrixStore works with the tech you work with ensuring a smooth and seamless integration into your daily workflows: Avid, Adobe, Vidispine, Cantemo etc

Reviews from Around the Globe

MatrixStore helps organisations benefit financially and operationally from the move to private and hybrid cloud workflows.

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An example of MatrixStore in a tightly integrated news & media workflow

Nearline storage & DR

Secure storage, web based access with Cantemo integration

MAM, Archive & Workflow

M6 is the most profitable private national French TV channel

Avid Interplay

History is an American basic cable and satellite television channel

Customer Comment

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