Grass Valley Stratus

Grass Valley Integration Object Matrix

Intelligent and Secure Asset Management

Digital media production lifecycles require the ability to archive vast amounts of high resolution assets in a permanent archive or nearline storage system. The ideal solution is to have a seamlessly extended user interface coupled with content archiving capabilities. The openness of the GV STRATUS application facilitates a choice of integration with mainstream archiving solutions, including the popular MatrixStore archive platform, offering a robust toolset and efficient archiving workflows. This seamless integration of the GV STRATUS production tools and Object Matrix nearline storage solutions offers a simplified toolset with easy-to-understand workflow rules. Configured into a collaborative production environment, the combined workflows provide media organizations with all the tools necessary to plan, create, publish, preserve and restore their media production.

Benefits of GV STRATUS & MatrixStore

  • Trusted and proven technologies integrated to provide flexible data protection policies
  • Archival of GXF or MXF files, both clips and subclips, from multiple K2 sources, such as K2 Production, Online SAN, K2 Summit and K2 Solo
  • Incremental approach to workflow and storage scalability
  • GV STRATUS keeps a low resolution proxy copy available of the archived content, plus full metadata for easy search and retrieval
  • Restoration of full clips from nearline archive location back to online K2 storage using the GV STRATUS user interface
  • Exchange of finished edited sequences (conformed, flattened files)
  • Content editing with a choice of Grass Valley’s native nonlinear editing tools such as GV STRATUS Storyboard editor and EDIUS editors
  • GV STRATUS workflows integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro editing applications
  • GV STRATUS workflows allow for automated, rule-based transfer of files to MatrixStore nearline storage
  • High availability and Disaster Recovery options built in