Cantemo Portal

Cantemo Integration Object Matrix

Intelligent and Secure Media Asset Management

If you need to manage the daily deluge of content pouring into your organisation or you need to collaborate with global teams then spreadsheets don’t cut it. If you need to perform repeatable tasks in an automated fashion then simple databases won’t cut it. If you need to tie in many of your existing applications into one seamless workflow then using someone to write some scripts will not cut it.

More and more organisations are looking for media asset management systems that enable them to automate the processing of incoming content, allow them to provide a collaboration platform and also identify strategies for monetising the content they own. Implementing such a platform can be an all consuming and expensive task.

Cantemo Portal provides all of the functionality you require from a MAM. It is flexible, powerful, cost-effective and more importantly tightly integrated with MatrixStore from Object Matrix. The integration ensures that content can be protected in a scalable and secure nearline platform without you, the end user, needing to manage the process.

Typical Workflows

  • Ingest content sending low resolution proxies to the SAN whilst securing the full resolution content in a MatrixStore vault.
  • Now that your content is secured in a MatrixStore vault you can initiate multiple workflows tailored for your business logic.
  • Annotate the video and create an EDL before editing in your favourite NLE to save time and resources. EDLs are opened without any file movement and annotations forwarded to the NLEs supporting events.
  • Distribute or playout your assets in the format required. Choose to include metadata in different formats using XML transformation mappings.
  • Create predefined automated rules to push/pull content to/from MatrixStore nearline storage.

Cantemo and Object Matrix share a long and rapidly growing list of joint customers including:

The Guardian Integration Object Matrix
Orange Integration Object Matrix
EDF Energy Integration Object Matrix