Avid Integration Object Matrix

InterConnect for Avid Interplay (PAM and MAM)

MatrixStore object storage is the only private or hybrid cloud storage platform that is tightly integrated into multiple Avid based workflows and is the ideal nearline, archive, DR and business continuity storage tier to complement your Avid Interplay environment. It provides the flexibility to decide how much data to keep on Avid NEXIS storage and how much data to keep elsewhere (on-prem or public cloud). Data moved onto MatrixStore is fully searchable, secured via a rich set of data storage policies, and can be replicated off premises or HSM’d to tape. Unlike other solutions it allows you to keep accessing your data even if Avid Interplay is unavailable. This confirms that access to your content is future proof.

InterConnect provides data movement between Avid Interplay PAM and MatrixStore storage. It is an application that runs on a Windows platform that is in turn connected to both the Web Services from Avid and the MatrixStore. Data can be moved either via automated rules or manual actions. Interconnect can also be run with failover on multiple machines. Interconnect provides media management functions allowing producers to automatically delete data on the Interplay once it is archived, to restore data to the original or alternative projects, and to archive sequences and SFX.  It is a feature rich solution trusted by broadcasters around the world.

Object Matrix also has a number of broadcasters using MatrixStore object storage in Avid Interplay MAM workflows. Get in touch to find out more.

InterConnect DataSheet

InterConnect Datasheet

Avid Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

One of the great benefits of digital data is the ability to build automated and reliable disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) workflows that can have a business instantly up and running from a second location in the case of problems. See our Infographic for some scary statistics that should make any organisation think twice about their data security.

MatrixStore’s built in DR and BC capabilities were specifically built with Avid workflows in mind, to replicate assets and their metadata from location to location, to provide means of access to assets even if your primary DAM or MAM is down, to allow projects to be automatically or manually re-checked into Interplay at a second site, to cope with multiple Interplays… and much more besides. Please see the data sheet for more details.

Avid DR & BC Datasheet

Avid Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity DataSheet

MatrixStore and Avid AMA

Avid AMA users take advantage of MatrixStore’s scalable and secure storage via the file system interface (MXFS or Samba). Workflows users currently use with MatrixStore include (but certainly are not limited to):

  • Assets initially ingested into are then rough edited straight from MatrixStore using Avid AMA. Just the interesting high-res is then moved onto your Avid NEXIS, keeping your usage of the NEXIS lean and mean whilst keeping all the original raw footage in a safe place on the Nearline scalable platform. See also Ingest.
  • Parking of projects to MatrixStore via the file system interfaces.
  • Short or Long term archiving of completed projects, conform workflows, MAM workflows that require a secure scalable storage platform.
  • Access to a scalable Media Library for the inclusion of clips into projects.

MatrixStore can act as the central repository for multiple workflows and with its metadata handling and extraction, access tools like DropSpot and Vision and HSM capabilities it is far more than just a file system.