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Browser based Content Search and Collaboration

Vision application - Object Matrix Product

 Vision gives you a more aesthetically pleasing web interface view of your data making it a pleasure to find, browse and share content with internal or external teams without the cost or complexity of a full blown MAM.

  • Brings operational benefits through ease of use, ease of search and simple content sharing methods
  • Generates new revenue streams or helps you to stand out from the crowd
  • Having all your content at your fingertips means you and your teams can do more with your data
  • Enable global collaboration with internal or external teams through this wonderfully beautiful web interface

Key Features

  • A powerful tool that searches and displays metadata that users have added, as well as metadata extracted from the assets themselves
  • Provides secure access to content from internal or external teams through a fully customisable interface/skin
  • Ensures future-proof access to your content regardless of the application that archived it. Handy for DR and Business Continuity workflows
  • Generate shareable links or email links direct from the browser with personalized messages
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Fast, Simple & Secure Media Asset Management

DropSpot application - Object Matrix Product

DropSpot may not be as pretty as Vision but it works a charm if you need to ingest, secure and tag camera card content or move vast amounts of data between storage platforms. Oh, and it’s free, which maybe why many of our customers use it for workflows not covered by incumbent MAMs, DAMs and PAMs.

  • Simple, fast and secure protection of client or production footage means less time is spent making and verifying copies of content
  • Metadata tagging brings operational efficiencies when looking for content at a later date
  • Enforced metadata entry via forms makes finding that content a lot easier
  • Full reporting gives you peace of mind that your content is protected

Key Features

  • High performance data transfer on ingest or between storage platforms
  • Simple or advanced search options
  • Custom meta-data entry forms enforcing good metadata entry practice
  • Cross platform and free to use on Linux, Mac and Windows
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