MatrixStore API

Access the Full Power of Object Storage via the MatrixStore API

Reliable data communication, fast and powerful metadata search, fast load balanced data transmission, access to management information, strongly encrypted transmissions are just a few of the benefits of using a well established tried and tested API over a filesystem interface. The MatrixStore API provides these benefits along with plenty more below:

The MatrixStore API can be accessed directly via C or Java applications, or via a RESTful shim. Benefits include:

  • Integrate the API into your applications or scripts to provide a deep, robust integration in your workflow
  • Store, search, share metadata via the central storage hub to make your applications even more powerful
  • Access management data to monitor storage usage giving you better control over your business
MatrixStore API Benefits

The MatrixStore API is feature rich and provides:

  • Reliable data transmission with retried data packets & node failover
  • Authenticated data transmission with checksums
  • Automated, seamless, cluster load balancing
  • Metadata storage and retrieval
  • Full and powerful distributed metadata and content metadata search
  • Access to vault and content information
  • Strong user authentication
  • Optional encrypted data transmission via morphing algorithms

Yet being native in C and in Java the API is both fast and light.

Please contact the Object Matrix team to learn more about MatrixStore API.

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