Network File System Access

SMB Samba Object Matrix Product

Many organisations like to set up network file system shares for MatrixStore to allow clients and applications to quickly write or read data via standard interfaces. MatrixStore supports SMB/CIFS protocol access via a Samba application that runs on Linux based servers.

  • Provides file system access across your organisation without needing to install special software on client machines
  • Optionally launch multiple Samba servers against MatrixStore vaults when wider bandwidth is required
  • Runs on MatrixStore Hub hardware (See configurations)
  • Centralised control of multiple Samba servers and user access rights via the MatrixStore Administrator application
  • Supports SMB and CIFS protocols – please enquire if NFS is required

Key Features

  • Provides access for multiple users using a standard network share
  • Integrates with active directory giving seamless access to MatrixStore vaults
  • Works out of the box with a wide array of your existing applications