MXFS (MatrixStore File System)

High Performance Local File System Access

MatrixStore File System MXFS Object Matrix Product

Many applications require locally mounted file system access to read or write data. The Object Matrix solution MXFS provides that access on Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • MXFS is a client application that represents a MatrixStore vault as a drive letter on Windows clients or a local volume on Mac or Linux

  • MXFS can run on one, or many client machines with each instance providing access to a MatrixStore Vault
  • Allows MatrixStore to easily fit into your existing workflows

  • When used on multiple client machines it can provide a very high aggregate bandwidth to the cluster
  • Packed with features to optimise the performance and reliability of sending data, and, the security of data between the client machine and the server

Key Features

  • Provides fast local file system access to MatrixStore object storage
  • Direct Access to your content without the expense of 3rd party gateways
  • Enables content to be accessed directly from your desktop applications
  • Enables user-driven workflows
  • It is future proof. When you write with one interface you can read with any other. Not the same for other erasure code based platforms
  • Browse and stream content from MatrixStore to your PC
  • Easy to ingest, simple to drag and drop clips
  • Oh, And it is completely, 100% free
  • MXFS Datasheet

    MXFS datasheet