FTP Access to MatrixStore

FTPConnect Application

The traditional file transmission protocol (FTP) is a ubiquitous and convientent way to move data from one machine to another remote machine. MatrixStore FTPConnect is an application that sits on a server and that allows FTP clients to connect to it whilst relaying the data sent/read to and from the MatrixStore server.

  • FTPConnect can be run on Mac, Windows or Linux
  • FTPConnect can optionally be run on the MatrixStore Hub (See configurations)
  • Allows MatrixStore to easily fit into your existing workflow with many existing tool-sets
  • Centralised administration of FTPConnect can be achieved from the MatrixStore Administration application including user access rights
  • An alternative option is to add FTP access is to use FileZilla on top of MXFS

Key Features

  • Enables access to legacy applications using FTP for file sharing or data movement
  • Provides an FTP gateway to petabytes of content
  • Server to server FTP setups can also be supported