Finding, using, sharing and distributing your data (and metadata) is key to generating value in your business.

Object Matrix provides a wealth of access tools and asset management solutions to ensure you maximise the value of your content.

Object Matrix Access Tool

Media Asset Management

Object Matrix Media Asset Management

Moving data between PC’s, SANs or to a secure data storage platform shouldn’t be time-consuming, error-prone or complex.

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Hierarchical Storage Management

Object Matrix Hierarchical Storage Management

move2 uses the MatrixStore API to quickly copy data between your various storage platforms and your MatrixStore archive.

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File Access Interfaces

Object Matrix File Access Interfaces

Many workflow tools require file systems to access data. The Object Matrix solutions MXFS, FTPConnect and SMB provide that access.

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MatrixStore API

Object Matrix MatrixStore API

With its open and powerful API and industry standard interfaces, MatrixStore provides non-disruptive workflow integration.

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