• 4 September 2017

Process in Place Up for an Award

Process in Place Up for an Award

Process in Place Up for an Award

Process in Place Up for an Award 768 362 Object Matrix

Process in Place Up for an Award

As we approach IBC, we are very pleased to share that we have been shortlisted in the IABM Design & Innovation Awards 2017 for our Process in Place technology. The awards will be presented during IBC, so we are keeping everything crossed for a good result.

And of course, we think it is a worthy contender because quite frankly processing content in this industry has become extremely outdated. The problem is that the media industry moves so fast, so it feels as if we have had this conversation before, about how content providers can extract the maximum value from their assets. However, no sooner did 2007-2016 solve the problem of scalable storage, workflow automation tools, transcode farms and (often human) metadata logging services that the whole media industry is being turned on its head by cloud services, AI solutions and the-sun-never-goes-down working. So even if your strategy for processing content is only a few months old, it is likely to be already outdated.

And now, we are left with middle men, software packages, and APIs that don’t work together, resource inefficiencies, bandwidth inefficiencies and some major security concerns. As more data is generated than ever before the ability to process it in an efficient and intelligent manner becomes more complex. Processing is an over-complicated and lengthy method that puts your content in a vulnerable position as it passes through external networks

Enter Process in Place (PiP), which enables media companies to process assets in place, in a private cloud environment. This means less processing needed for indexing and accessing content. It is able to automate the metadata extraction and to audit actions, drastically reducing manual steps for processing and human intervention, which in turn reduces the risk of human error.

Process in Place Object Matrix

PiP also ensures that content providers can easily find the specific piece of content at any given time. Keeping the content in place also makes for better security as it is not being sent around different networks and instead resides within MatrixStore, which, as you of course know, is a secure and intelligent storage system.

We are really pleased to have made the award shortlist. Whether or not we win, come and see us at IBC (stand 6.C28. 15th-19th September) to find out if your processing methods need an overhaul.

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