Media Focused Hybrid Cloud

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“2018 to 2025 will be dominated by hybrid cloud growth”

Why media focused hybrid cloud?

If you need to work with HD, 4K and 8K you require on premise solutions for throughput, access times and audit. Elasticity of transformation and collaboration are often more suited to public cloud platforms. Hybrid models bring the best of both worlds to your organisation.

Four Media Focused Hybrid Cloud Benefits

  • Hybrid platforms meet the tactical and strategic needs of many stakeholders and bring economic and operational benefit to your business

  • Hybrid brings integrated workflows that combine performance and security with scale and global reach that gives you the flexibility you need

  • Hybrid platforms enable you to generate new revenue streams and makes you stand out from the crowd by changing the way video content is stored, accessed and shared

  • Hybrid platforms work for you and will free up your time to add real value to the organisation

Object Matrix Hybrid Cloud

What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud uses a mix of on-premises private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration of content between the two platforms. Allowing content to move between private and public clouds this gives organisations greater flexibility, more content protection (Disaster Recovery) and wider sharing options.

What is a media focused hybrid Cloud?

A media focused hybrid cloud is designed to meet the challenges faced by organisations creating, ingesting, logging, editing, sharing, distributing and archiving video content. This includes high speed on premise workflows coupled with seamless synchronisation of content and metadata. Tight integrations and automated workflows ensure such organisations benefit from operational efficiencies and elastic scale of hybrid environments. Customers also benefit from integrated DR and business continuity provision.

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Please, download our Hybrid Cloud Datasheet to find out more:

Hybrid Cloud Datasheet