postPerspective Q&A with Object Matrix

We recently got together with postPerspective to have a Q&A session about all things Object Matrix. Check out some of the interview below or read the whole article here.

For folks who don’t know, what kind of storage does Object Matrix provide?

As opposed to the generic, faceless, grey-suited IT suppliers… we provide our customers with solutions that make sense for their businesses. We understand the workflow challenges the industry has faced in the past, that the industry is facing today, and we are part of the ongoing conversation about building future proof platforms that will stand the test of time.

With that in mind, we evolved our technical and commercial offerings to include the three following solutions: MatrixStore On-Prem, MatrixStore Hybrid and MatrixStore Cloud.

MatrixStore On-Prem is a media focused solution that is deployed in-house or at a data center, and it ensures creative professionals have the fastest, most secure access to content at all times. The reality is, not everyone is going cloud, especially public cloud, as it just does not make economic sense in the long run and can be super unpredictable. Our on-prem appliance can be used in ingest, transcode, nearline, backup and/or archive workflows. This includes disaster recovery and business continuity for those customers who have multiple locations.

MatrixStore Cloud is a storage platform that enables creative and production teams to have self-serve access from work or remotely from anywhere. For those going to cloud storage, cost control is a big issue with the incumbent big three suppliers. Therefore, a private cloud storage service (based in the UK and soon to launch in the US and France!) offering media-focused cloud storage and workflows with zero egress penalties makes much more sense all round.

And last but not least, MatrixStore Hybrid. Our Hybrid solution provides the best of all worlds… A heady mix combining the power of on-prem with the flexibility and scale of private or public cloud storage.

All the above are powered by the MatrixStore object storage platform and backed by a team our users can talk with at any time.

Workflows have changed dramatically with the COVID shutdown. Has that affected the types of storage users need? And how do you see this effecting future workflows?

Yes! Investment in the archive, disaster recovery and business continuity can no longer be ignored. So organizations are now looking to modernize their storage platforms to ensure creative teams can access content throughout the workflow (ingest, nearline and archive) from anywhere. This inevitably means a move away from traditional LTO-based platforms toward local, private, hybrid and public cloud storage.
We believe the trend toward work being done remotely will continue, which means competition for work will be more global than ever, especially for post and VFX houses. Like our customer Atomica in Chile. They will win more work outside of Chile as the requirement to be on-site or on-set is diminished.

We also expect to see more use of private and hybrid cloud platforms over the monolithic public cloud offerings. Customers want platforms that don’t lock them in forever, something egress fee structures naturally promote. Customers still want to be supported by organizations that understand their business and technological challenges, and smaller, more agile, focused vendors can do that.

You can read the whole article here.