Object Matrix post-NAB news roundup

Phew! It’s been another busy NAB for Object Matrix.

We announced new tools, a brand new Storage as a Service product and unveiled exciting new partnerships with BT and Sony. We also shared details of our technical partnership with Glookast ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery for brazilian communications client Globo.

No need to go hunting around for this info here are the links

  • Partnership with BT to provide online storage for post production in the media and entertainment industry“This proposition is very timely as more and more of our customers look to move infrastructure from their premises into the cloud…. the combination of their media-specific storage and our media-specific connectivity options will be a powerful one.” – Mark Wilson Dunn, Vice President of BT Media & Broadcast
  • Object Matrix technology is being bundled with the next generation of Sony ODA“Organisations, no matter what their size, are looking for compact and packaged solutions that will solve their current and future challenges when it comes to asset management. By partnering with Object Matrix, who are truly best in breed in terms of storage and business continuity offerings, we’ll be delivering all one solutions that answer that challenge and also create new opportunities for growth” – Niall Duffy, Head of IT solutions, Sony Professional, Sony Europe

NAB 2016 Sports report 2016

….and another great turnout for NAB sports this year! www.object-matrix.com/nab-sports/

NAB Sport 2016, Las Vegas - Object Matrix

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