• 7 September 2018

Paul Owen – Object Matrix Visionary

Paul Owen Visionary

Paul Owen – Object Matrix Visionary

Paul Owen – Object Matrix Visionary 800 450 Object Matrix

Paul Owen – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix

https://object-matrix.onyx-sites.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Paul-Owen-Website-600×450.jpgPaul has worked as an editor for more than 20 years, however, his industry experience extends far beyond that – he has headed up post-production departments, and currently is Gorilla’s Operations Director. Paul still works hands on as an editor on many of Gorilla’s high profile and quick turnaround projects.

First Met

I first met Nick in Cardiff around 10 years ago. Since then we have become good friends and we go for annual holidays together twice a year, to Amsterdam and Las Vegas.

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

When we first started looking for a nearline solution 10 years ago, the market was mixed with lots of “wannabees” trying to get a part of the action. Fortunately for us, we found the right product just on our door step. Matrix Store is robust. It works. We love it.

Object Matrix Comment

Paul was the Head of Post at Boomerang a sister company to Mwnci at the time which was fantastic for propagating solutions throughout the group! Soon after Rich implemented our system at Mwnci Paul quick to follow.

Since those early crazy days, Paul been super supportive of Object Matrix in terms of being a sounding board, training us, helping with testing workflows, recommending us to anyone that will listen and also being a top singing buddy!

Diolch yn Fawr Iawn Paul!