Protected ingest for a Panasonic P2 / Avid ISIS production environment

1. Tell us a little bit about TV2

TV2 is owned by the Egmont group and is the biggest commercial broadcaster in Norway.

2. What problems were you facing that set out to solve?

In a Panasonic P2 and Avid ISIS environment we needed to protect the original P2 card media on a nearline platform in order to quickly access the originals should they be deleted or corrupted on the ISIS storage.

3. How long have you had your MatrixStore and how is it used?

We have used MatrixStore as a secure ingest platform for 18 months. It is used at the very beginning of the workflow when the Media Manager lays hands on incoming P2 cards. We use Dropspot as a transfer tool for copying media from the card to the MatrixStore cluster.

4. Has it worked as expected, better than expected or not as expected?

The MatrixStore works as expected!

5. How do you rate MatrixStore for protecting your data?

When mirroring content in a MatrixStore vault I cannot see a better way to protect data in a nearline archive.

6. How much time do you spend Managing MatrixStore?

Almost no time at all. We do occasionally have some install issues on the client side.

7. How do you rate Object Matrix as an organisation to deal with?

Object Matrix have been a pleasure to work with. Always responsive both on sales and support. Missing features and bugs as sorted out quickly I feel confident that Object Matrix will always do their best to protect our data.

8. How do you plan to use MatrixStore in the future?

Same as before, but we always try to find ways to make the ingest and backup as automated as possible.

9. Comment on overall experience working with Object Matrix:

Working with Object Matrix is a breeze. They make you feel that you are their only customer.

10. Programs made using MatrixStore

MatrixStore is used for a huge selection TV2 programming a selection of which includes:

  • Sporty 2012
  • Tigerstaden
  • Vårt lille land
  • Tigerstaden
  • Til bords med fienden