One Petabyte of MatrixStore Deployed!

When Jon, Francisco and I started up Object Matrix back in 2003 a lofty goal was set to sell a Petabyte of MatrixStore. Well, 7 years on and we have smashed it! A Petabyte may seem like a smaller number today than it was seven years ago but it represents a massive achievement for our determined, talented and very stubborn team.

The vast majority of the first petabyte has been delivered on the MatrixStore appliance launched in 2009. This year alone Object Matrix has picked up a dozen customers including the world’s largest broadcasting, Telecommunication, Banking and Energy organisations, all with video workflow challenges that fall outside of ‘The IT Department’ solution set.

Object Storage platforms are taking hold. It is no longer good enough to build scale out disk solutions, the future is being able to do something with the data you hold. MatrixStore provides just that right here, right now.

A Word From Jon:

It’s my fervent belief that the purpose of storage is very straightforward: it’s to keep data safe and usable. From day one, that was our goal and always will remain. We exist to take the IT complexity out of keeping data on a scalable solution whilst adding features that help customers get their work done quicker. Our customers have been hugely supportive and have shown great belief in us as they’ve taken our solution from unproven to proven and from niche to mainstream. Thank you to all of them for the major role they’ve played. Ahead: we have an ambitious number of product integrations and eye catching features to add to the solution, but at the core will remain the same cornerstone of scalable, secure storage. I’m looking forward to 2011!

The View From Nick:

Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of achieving this milestone, Jon, Francisco, and Daniel have consistently delivered a platform that has outshone perceived competitive solutions that have taken twenty times more resource and marketing fud to get to market. With a real sales professional on board (yes that’s you Mark) we are also looking forward to knocking over the 2nd Petabyte within the first 6 months of next year!

Apparently, the first Petabyte is the hardest… I bloody hope so!