• 17 May 2012

Object Matrix’s InterConnect 1.3 for Avid Interplay

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Object Matrix’s InterConnect 1.3 for Avid Interplay

Object Matrix’s InterConnect 1.3 for Avid Interplay 960 393 Object Matrix

Object Matrix’s InterConnect 1.3 for Avid Interplay

Our aim is to make InterConnect simply the best, fastest and most functional Interplay archive and nearline tool, with the capability to let you control your assets and your Interplay media workflows how you need to. Need to archive sequences? Need to archive selected resolutions? Or to schedule the time of moving data to the archive? Need to safely remove data from Interplay automatically after archive?

The 3rd release of InterConnect is now available (v1.3) and we hope that you’ll agree with us that it is looking good:

New in InterConnect version 1.3:

  • You can now choose to automatically delete media from Unity shared storage once it has been successfully archived.
  • If you have clips in multiple resolutions, you can now choose which formats to archive or restore – for instance, you may wish to just archive the highest-resolution format, saving both time and storage space.
  • You can now schedule archive/restore jobs to start at particular times of day or days of the week. For instance, you may wish to drag assets into the “To Be Archived” folder throughout the day and have them all archived as a single job starting at midnight.
  • The GUI now displays more information about jobs in progress, including the number of bytes to be copied and the name of the vault being used.
    The GUI is updated more frequently when the job is initialising (previously there might be have been a wait of up to 30 minutes for a large job before the display changed).
  • The GUI now has a “Details” button for each job – clicking this displays all the assets in the job as a table which you can sort and scroll through. The table is updated dynamically for a job in progress, so you can watch individual clips being copied.
  • If an error occurred for an asset (for instance, media to be archived was offline), it is indicated as a red X in the table for the job. The asset gets moved to a separate folder (eg. “Archive FAILED” rather than “Archived”).
  • InterConnect now archives any sequences, subclips and file assets which are in the “To Be Archived” folder so they can be restored in case of accidental deletion from the Interplay database.

The View From OM

InterConnect, as with the rest of Object Matrix’s tools, focus on making reliable workflows. It’s easy to move data from A to B, but to do that in a way that makes the operation quick and flexible for the user whilst completely safe against mistakes is a step further. With InterConnect 1.3 we are proud to bring those goals closer to reality for our Interplay customers. InterConnect 1.3 is now out in beta and will shortly be available in full production.

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