Object Matrix Takes a HPA Tech Retreat

Object Matrix Takes a HPA Tech Retreat

With a plethora of Creative industry events around the world each year, as an international company it can sometimes be hard to choose which ones to attend, but this year we are excited to make a first visit to the Hollywood Post Alliance technical retreat.

(NB: when we started Object Matrix we naively thought that the industry was turning to on-line sales and that corporate events were a thing of the old world… it is kind of nice to know that human interaction still counts for something!)

The HPA Tech Retreat is an annual informal gathering held in the Palm Springs area. It is attended by the top industry-engineering, technical, and creative talent, as well as strategic business leaders. The event is focused on technology, from all aspects of digital-cinema, post-production, film, television, video, and related technologies.

For Object Matrix, our positive experience of running the WIG events means we are hoping to find a different experience than your run of the mill industry event: one focused on technology, less “salesy” and more about what technology is out there and what direction it needs to be going in.

On Wednesday and Thursday Object Matrix has been invited to host a round-table discussion on security in the industry. Each round table will start with an introduction to sound media security foundations and then will encourage conversation on the topic; your experiences, ideas, and questions. Please do join me with your coffee and American waffles! The round tables start at 7.30am.

Will I see you there? Please drop me an email – it would be great to chat.

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About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is an award winning UK based software company that pioneered Digital Content Governance (DCG), object storage and the modernisation of digital video workflows. Our media focused private and hybrid cloud solutions are tightly integrated into file based and IP workflows and bring economic and operational benefit to all of our customers. Our flagship product, MatrixStore, is used by the world’s largest organisations that create and distribute video content, including NBC, TV Globo, MSG-N, the BBC & BT.