• 14 April 2016

Object Matrix Provides a Future-proof Vision

browser based media asset management for digital archive

Object Matrix Provides a Future-proof Vision

Object Matrix Provides a Future-proof Vision 700 400 Object Matrix

Cardiff and London, UK, 14th April 2016

Object Matrix, the leading developer of object storage and business continuity systems to the media industry today announced the launch of Vision at NAB 2016.

Being able to quickly search, view and share your media assets no longer requires complex to install, learn or control software but can now be carried out via a stunning new Vision interface from Object Matrix.

Seamlessly integrated with MatrixStore it uses the power of Process-in-Place to examine and enhance metadata of archived content and then allows any authorised user to quickly search, preview and share assets using only their web browsers.

Vision is a powerful search tool that looks at any metadata users have added during the ingest of the assets as well as metadata extracted from the assets themselves. In particular, Vision is aware of AS11 metadata and provides powerful search options that is domain aware.

“In this internet age, where data is searchable and instantly available, people quite rightly expect integrated solutions that allow data to be accessed and shared from their web-browser. Being highly aligned to the media industries means that we’ve pulled together the metadata from the assets stored including AS11 metadata, key media metadata, user metadata, 3rd party application metadata and generated proxies to provide an incredibly powerful interface to search and preview your assets.

All of this comes without the need for the complex to install and use 3rd party applications – it simply builds on the power of object storage,” stated Jonathan Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix.

Working with 3rd party partners, it is also possible to enable proxy browsing and sharing workflows using the Vision interface.

Vision brings the following benefits:

  • Easily find content in a MatrixStore archive with powerful search options
  • Provide secure access to your internal or external customers
  • Providing a Future proof platform by ensuring content can be accessed even if the applications used to archive the content are not available
  • Implement web-based browsing of media in workflows that are not covered by an incumbent MAM
  • Preview or download assets with ease
  • Easily searches both user-added metadata as well as AS11 metadata embedded in the file
  • Provides instant access to content at DR or remote locations even if the local MAM, DAM or PAM is unavailable.

To book a demo please contact us here or you can watch our suite of explainer videos here.

object matrix vision object based content management for data preservation

Vision is available from NAB 2016 for demo, proof of concept or purchase through our global network of channel partners.

If you would like to see Vision in action please do get in touch or arrange a meeting with Object Matrix at the NAB Show (stand SL6125) in Las Vegas.